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Wines By The Glass

6 oz pour

Whites, Rosè and Sparkling

Scarpetta “Frico Bianco,” Friuliano/Chardonnay 7.5 /30
Delle Venezie, Italy 2014

Vosinakis, Moschofilero, 9 / 36
Mantinia, Greece 2014

Domaine Porto Carras, Malagouzia 8.5 / 34
Sithonia, Greece 2013

Hugel, Riesling 12 / 48
Alsace, France 2013

Santo Winery, Asirtiko 10 / 40
Santorini, Greece 2014

Codorníu “Anna,” Blanc de Blancs,
Chardonnay Blend, Spain N.V. (187 ml/750ml) 10.5 / 40

Skouras “Zoe rosé,” Agiorgitiko/Moschofilero 9.5 /38
Peloponnese, Greece 2014


Designated a European “Appellation By Tradition,” retsina can only be made in Greece. It is white wine that is infused with pine resin during the fermentation process and is believed to have originated in antiquity. It possesses a strong piney flavor which tends to be more of an acquired taste

Papagiannakos Retsina 6 / 24
Greece N.V.


Harlaftis, St. George 7.5 / 30
Nemea, Greece 2012

Apanta, Xinomavro 10 / 40
Naoussa, Greece 2012

Papantonis, St. George 11 / 44
Nemea, Greece 2013

Boroli “Anna,” Nebbiolo 9 / 36
Langhe, Italy 2013

Porto Carras “Limnio”, Cótes de Meliton 10 / 40
Greece 2012

Bulgariana “Imperial Red,” Cabernet/Merlot 10 / 40
Thracian Valley, Bulgaria 2008

La Spinetta “Il Nero di Casanova,” Sangiovese 12/ 48
Terre di Pisa, Italy 2011


Greek Imports

Mythos Lager, Thessaloniki 5.5
Hillas Lager, Komotini 5.5
Vergina Red, Thrace 5.5

Greek Microbrews

Septem, Pilsner, Evia 6
Septem, Pale Ale, Evia 6
Septem, Honey Golden Ale, Evia 6
Septem, Red Ale, Evia 6

Domestic Microbrews

Twisted Pine, La Petite Saison, Boulder, CO 6
Bear Republic, “Racer 5,” IPA, Healdsberg, CA 6
Facedown, Brown Ale, Telluride, CO 5
Fort Collins Brewery, Chocolate Stout, CO 5.5
Glider Cider, Denver, CO (Gluten Free) 7.5

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Soda 2.5
Juices – Cranberry, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Lemonade 3.25
Coda Iced Tea 2.5
Organic Two Leaves Hot Teas 3
San Pelegrino Sparkling Water (500 ML) 4
Acqua Panna (500 ML) 4
Coda Coffee (Colombian Brew & Decaf) 3
Papagalos Greek Coffee 3

Specialty Drinks

Greek Island Donkey 8
Ginger liqueur, tsipouro, ginger ale, Fresh Lemon Juice

Plato’s Dream 7
Bourbon, fig syrup, bitters, soda

Greek Sangria 8
Greek wine, brandy, seasonal fruit and Greek spices

Althea’s Tears 8
Sparkling wine with ginger liqueur, lemon twist

The bubbies Pickle Martini 9
Vodka and Bubbies naturally fermented pickle juice, garnished with a bubbies pickle

The Kalamata Killer 9
Gin, dry vermouth, kalamata olive juice

Metaxa Manhattan 12
Metaxa 5* Brandy, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters, cherry garnish

Tsipouro, Ouzo & Mastika

1.5 oz pour

Tsipouro is a pomace brandy distilled by using only the finest grapes. It often has certain botanicals added during the distillation process. It is a great alternative to tequila or Italian grappa.

Ouzo, Considered the national drink of Greece, is a distillate where anise is added to the spirit during the distillation in copper stills. It makes a wonderful aperitif, but can also be enjoyed with your meal or as an after dinner drink. Enjoy it straight up, on the rocks, or cut with water.

Mastika is a unique grape liquor seasoned with resin from the mastika tree of Chios. Not to be confused with Retsina, this has a very unique herbaceous character and finishes sweet. It makes a wonderful digestive.


Idoniko, Tsipouro, Drama, Greece 7
Hints of citrus, fennel, and nuts, very clean and dry with a touch of sweetness

Katsaros, Tsipouro, Tyrnavos, Greece 7
Very aromatic with flowers and botanicals hints of anise and agave, long finish

Tsilili “Dark Cave,” Tsipouro, 5 yr barrel aged
Trikala, Greece 15
Very aromatic with dried fruits, nuts, and oak, bold and rich yet velvety, long lasting finish, impressive!


Hillas, Ouzo, Lesvos, Greece 5
A light to medium-bodied Ouzo with a slight kick and an anise finish
Katsaros, Ouzo, Tirnavos, Greece 6
Subtle sweet fennel nose, warming palate, long finish

Metaxa, Ouzo, Kifissia, Greece 6.5
The most aromatic of our Ouzos with herb and floral accents, lighter in style with distinct anise and mastika flavors, well balanaced and finishing very dry.

Plomari, Ouzo, Lesvos, Greece 5.5
Slight anise aromas, medium-bodied, and very smooth, finishes mostly dry with a touch of sweetness

Barbayanni, Ouzo, Lesvos, Greece 6
The boldest of our Ouzos with a serious kick, full bodied, finishes off-dry


Hillas, Mastika, Chios, Greece 8
Floral with hints of earth and bark, fun and sweet with a distinct Mastika taste.

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