Monday-Thursday: 5pm - 9:30pm Friday: 5pm - 10pmSaturday: 10am - 10pm Sunday: 10am - 9:30pm


Saturday & Sunday 10am to 3pm

Brunch Specialties

Tyropita Ricotta, feta and kefalotiri cheese pie, served with a warm poached egg topped with frisee and bacon salad 10

The Greek Benedict Two poached eggs, wilted spinach, sauteed onions and feta cheese, served on top of two mini grilled pitas, finished with a champagne hollandaise 9

Greek Omelet Three egg omelet with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh oregano, served with oven roasted potatoes 9

Mount Pelion Greek-Style Quiche Eggs, feta cheese, peppers and onions baked with a filo pastry crust, served with a house salad 9

Bulgarika Flat Bread Sliced tomato, two organic sunny side up eggs, feta cheese and fresh oregano 9

Fig Pancakes Buttermilk fig pancakes topped with a Metaxa reduction and candied walnuts 8

Ciabatta French Toast Served with sweet ricotta and topped with an orange and arugula salad 8

Greek-American Breakfast Plate Two eggs any style, applewood-smoked bacon, warm olives, feta cheese and toast 9

Yogurt and Granola Yogurt with Samos wine-soaked apricots and a pistachio granola 7

Kalimera Pita Two scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes and feta wrapped in a grilled pita and finished with a fire roasted tomato and red pepper catsup, served with a house salad 8.5 Add Bacon 2

The Constantinopoli Hard boiled egg, Aegean lentil soup, sliced cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, dried oil cured black olives and toast 9


Saganaki Sheep’s Milk Kasseri Cheese Flambé, Lemon, Pita 11

Spanakopita Filo Pastry, Spinach, Feta 8

Tris Voutiés Organic Hummus, Skordalia, Tzatziki, Crudité, Pita 10

Dolmades Grape Leaves, Rice, Almonds, Garlic, Lemon Basil Cream Sauce 8


Greek Veggie Burger Quarter pound garbanzo and lentil burger, sun-dried tomato-tahini spread, grilled onion, pickled red cabbage, arugula, ciabatta bun, mixed greens (sub GF bread 2) 10

Chicken Kebab Pita Grilled Chicken, Green Peppers and Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Tzatziki, Grilled Pita, Mixed Greens 10

Gyro Grilled Gyro Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Tzatziki, Pita, Roasted Potatoes 10

Lamb Burger Quarter Pound Lamb Burger, Roasted Red Pepper Spread, Grilled Onion, Arugula, Kefalotiri Cheese, Roasted Potatoes 12


Organic Aegean Red Lentil Soup Cup 3/Bowl 6

Soup of the Day Cup MKT/Bowl MKT


Portokali Salata Arugula, Chick Pea, Orange, Fennel, Red Onion, Feta, Citrus Vinaigrette 6/10

Greek Salad Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Feta, Olives, Lemon-Olive Oil Vinaigrette 6/10

Pantzaria Salata Roasted Beets, Baby Spinach, Onions, Olive Oil-Lemon Vinaigrette, Candied Walnuts, Feta Cheese 6/10

Sides á la Carte

One Organic Egg any style 2

Applewood-Smoked Bacon 3

One Buttermilk Pancake 2.5

One Slice of French Toast 2.5

Roasted Potatoes 3

Vermont Maple Syrup 2

Pastries and Sweets

Baklava Filo pastry layered with crushed walnuts, honey & cinnamon 5

Flourless Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, topped with caramel drizzle and vanilla ice cream 6

Bougatsa Pear almond custard wrapped in house-made Greek pastry dough served with Baklava ice cream 7

Torta Kataifi Shredded Greek pastry tort filled ricotta cheese and pistachios, soaked in citrus syrup, served with creme chantilly 7

Almond Olive Oil Cake Olive oil cake baked with toasted almonds and citrus zest, finished with powdered sugar and served with a citrus compote 6

Seasonal Ice Cream/Sorbet Two scoops of Ice Cream or Sorbet – Ask your server for today’s selections 5

Brunch Cocktails

Bloody Mary Your choice of vodka Regular Vodka 7, Lemon Pepper and Thyme Infused Vodka 8.5, Cucumber Infused Vodka 8.5, Jalapeno Infused Vodka 8.5

Classic Mimosa With fresh orange juice 6/Bottomless 11

Raspberry Mimosa 8/Bottomless 15

Peach Mimosa 8/Bottomless 15